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I quote a few indicative photos in this post and I refer you to the following link to see more: https://konphotoworld.com/p372554789

Information from:
- Historical researcher, Dr Costas Kogiopoulos
- Articles in the local press
- Reports by Mrs Xanthippi Agrelli and Mrs Sofia Karagianni, particularly sensitized to the issues of our island.


Old Winery of KosOld Winery of Kos Old Winery of KosOld Winery of Kos Old Winery of KosOld Winery of Kos Old Winery of KosOld Winery of Kos Old Winery of KosOld Winery of Kos



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“Empididae” family flies? https://konphotoworld.com/blog/2021/6/empididae-family-flies Empididae family fly?Empididae family fly?
On 23 April 2021, at about 07:10am, I've met this fly during my walk around Tigaki lagoon, the most important wetland of Kos island, Greece.

I've managed to take 4 photos of it and now I’m trying to identify the species. Most of the time this is very difficult to achieve as there are sooooo many insect species around and sooooo many similar ones! 

Although there are some web based tools (apps) available to help, they often struggle when dealing with really difficult cases. There are also some books but the really helpful detailed guides are very expensive indeed! Anyway …

I think that this interesting tiny (I estimate that it did not exceed half a centimetre in length (you see the comparison with the flowers that he/she "honored") is a member of Empididae family (Dagger flies) but I’m not able to definitively define the species, yet.

The sure thing is that I’ve spent several beautiful moments being, once more, active in macro photography which is one of my favorite genres.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Empididae family fly?Empididae family fly? Empididae family fly?Empididae family fly? Empididae family fly?Empididae family fly?

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An impressive super yacht in Kos harbor yesterday night: "FLORENTIA" https://konphotoworld.com/blog/2021/5/an-impressive-superyacht-in-kos-harbor-yesterday-night-florentia Last night i was pleasantly surprised by the presence of an amazing super yacht in Kos harbor (Kos island, Dodecanese, Greece)!
It was impossible for me to resist on taking some photos so i placed my Canon EOS R with Canon EF 16-35mm f/4.0L IS USM lens on one of my tripods (Manfrotto Compact Advanced) and ... here it is, the impressive "FLORENTIA":

21-05-24_KPW-VESSELS_Yachts_Florentia_001_cp_framedFLORENTIA superyacht in Kos harbor 21-05-24_KPW-VESSELS_Yachts_Florentia_003_cp_framedFLORENTIA superyacht in Kos harbor

Graceful custom luxury yacht "FLORENTIA" from Italian shipyard Rossinavi was launched in 2020 and is constructed with a steel full-displacement hull and aluminium superstructure. Measuring 52m, she covers four decks and has an interior volume of 800 GT with exterior styling by Studio Vafiadis and interiors created by Carlo Colombo and his studio A++.

Some interesting facts:

  • Ship has a crew of 11 for professional luxury service on every journey.
  • A pair of Caterpillar 3512E engines of 1,901 kW @ 1,800 rpm produce a top speed of 15 knots, a cruising speed of 13.5 knots and a range of 5,000 nautical miles.
  • The accommodation sleeps a maximum of 12 guests over 6 en-suite cabins: 1 Master suite, 1 VIP stateroom, 3 double cabins and 1 twin cabin.

21-05-24_KPW-VESSELS_Yachts_Florentia_004_cp_framedFLORENTIA superyacht in Kos harbor
21-05-24_KPW-VESSELS_Yachts_Florentia_002_cp_framedFLORENTIA superyacht in Kos harbor


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